libsdl1.2 packages for Debian with XRandR support

PACKAGES LAST UPDATED: Thu, 29 Jan 2009 15:09:07 +0100 (build time)
There are packages in Debian Sid and Squeeze, which contain the fix! Don't use this anymore.

If you are a user of a package which is based upon libsdl and you have an graphic driver, which supports XRandR, you probably noticed, that this is currently not supported in Debian.

I found that annoying and therefore prepared packages, which support XRandR and - what is more - have it activated on default (which differs even from the upstream sources). The reason given why it isn't activated on default is, that there are problems with KDE, but I as an KDE user wasn't able to reproduce them (with Debian testing), so I'll guess, they are no longer present (but don't complain if they are still present for you, you've been warned!).

A few notes

Available files

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