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In the subdirectories below your current path, you find some packages I've built. They're are either meant as a test package for what will be soon in Debian (in case I'm the (Co-)Maintainer of the package in question) or it is a built of a Debian package where I deviated from what is in Debian.

Most of you will have come here through some link pointing to the Wine packages, which falls into the second category. I'm building the Wine packages, because I want (and partly need) a newer version of Wine than what is currently in Debian and sometimes I build packages, because I want to try out a patch. At the moment this means you can obtain regularly updated packages from me, but that might change.

Especially if you're one of the Wine package users: please consider a donation through PayPal, Flattr (you must be logged in for the Flattr donation to work, otherwise you'll end up on the front page of Flattr) or by flattring me, as the amount of traffic generated by that particular page has grown way beyond what I imagined.

Available Source Packages

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